About Chemical Peeling [Neostrata-USA & Sesderma-Spain]

Chemical peeling is a treatment very widely used now a day. The use of right peels are sure to gift you smooth and glowing skin removing the damaged outer layers. Chemical peels are made of alphahydroxy acids found in sugar cane and fruits. These peels easily penetrate skin, making them excellent against pigmentation, acne (pimple), black heads, comedones, acne scar and removing fine lines and wrinkles. We use several peeling agents depending on the skin condition like Glycolic acid, Salicylic acid, TCA, Lactic acid and Yellow Peels, which will be scientifically selected on individual skin condition. They are usually administered in a series of treatment sessions every 20 days. Number of Sessions: 4 – 6. Chemical peeling should always be done by a dermatologist. It is a time proven scientific & safe procedure of skin rejuvenation.

Sunscreens are used to maintain the skin tone. If you have an oily skin you have to use as gel type sunscreen. If your skin is dry use a cream one.