About Dark Circles

Dark circles under the eyes are caused by many reasons. Some of the reasons are tiredness, tension or strain. Your genes also play a major role in causing dark circles. Those who have allergy problems, such as asthma, are more prone to this condition. It denotes the intensity of their allergy. Both men and women are prone to this condition. Putting strain to your eyes by watching TV or working before a computer for a prolonged period of time also can result in causing dark circles. So those who have to spend a lot of time in front of the computer should take breaks in between and try to relax their eyes. Problems with your eyesight can also result in dark circles, as you will strain your eyes more to get a clear vision. As we age the fat under our eyes will degenerate and the tear troughs become more prominent. It would also make the dark circles under the eyes to appear more prominent.
Many creams, which have retinol as a major ingredient, are available in the market today. Using these depigmentation creams based on the guidance of a doctor can decrease the dark circles to an extent. Chemical peels are also used to get rid of dark circles. The treatment and number sittings are based on the intensity of darkness.